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8th North American Plecoptera Symposium

Ed DeWalt and Don Webb of the Illinois Natural History Survey recently hosted the 8th North American Plecoptera Symposium at Dixon Springs Agricultural Experimental Station in the Ozarks of southern Illinois. Nineteen participants attended the meeting and fourteen papers were presented during the May 18-21 symposium. Saturday, May 20, featured a "Stonefly Blitz" for various species of Perlesta, Perlinella, Alloperla, Haploperla, Leuctra and Amphinemura at Lusk Creek, Burden Falls and Bell Smith Springs in nearby Shawnee National Forest.

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Fig. 1. Dorm sign for 8th North American Plecoptera Symposium
Fig. 2. Symposium participants at Dixon Springs
Fig. 3. Ken Stewart presentation on nymphs of rare stoneflies
Fig. 4. Small group discussion in dining hall with Bill Shepard, Jane Earle, Andy Sheldon and Dennis Heimdal
Fig. 5. Boris Kondratieff and Ed DeWalt compare techniques for Perlesta molestation
Fig. 6. Illiesia editors and editorial board members in stylish attire. L-R: Bill Stark, Ken Stewart, Dick Baumann, Boris Kondratieff and Ignac Sivec
Fig. 7. Bell Smith Springs gathering: L-R: Ken Stewart, Francene Stewart, Peter Harper and Ed DeWalt
Fig. 8. Peter Harper samples the Burden Falls Leuctra
Fig. 9. Boris Kondratieff looks for a sweet spot for Bell Smith Springs greenies
Fig. 10. Dick Baumann gets down on the Amphinemura level

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