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A new species of Isoperla Banks (Plecoptera: Perlodidae) from the Appalachian Mountains, Virginia & West Virginia, U.S.A. Chris J. Verdone and Boris Kondratieff
Illiesia 2016 12(13):74-85, Figures 1-21, 3 references (p.:85) (26 December 2016)
A new species of Isoperla, I. evanescens, is described from the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and West Virginia, U.S.A. The new species is proposed based on details of the male aedeagus, paraprocts, vesicle, general body coloration, female subgenital plate, and uniqueness of the chorion of the ovum. Supporting data includes scanning electron micrographs and color images.
Keywords: Plecoptera, stonefly, Perlodidae, Isoperla, Appalachian Mountains, Virginia, West Virginia
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A new species of Anacroneuria Klapálek (Plecoptera: Perlidae) and complementary descriptions of three additional species from Mexico, with comments on the current knowledge of Mexican species of the genus. Alfredo Mayorga
Illiesia 2016 12(12):64-73, Figures 1-16, 1 table, 14 references (p.:73) (14 December 2016)
A new species of the perlid genus Anacroneuria, A. barbai sp. nov., is described and illustrated based on male specimens from Tabasco, Mexico. The presence of A. pallida Jewett, 1958 is confirmed for Mexico and a complementary description of the female and egg provided. A complementary description of the male and female of A. quadriloba Jewett is also provided as is a new distribution record for the widespread A. litura (Pictet, 1841). Brief comments on the current knowledge of the distribution and descriptions of adults and larvae of all Anacroneuria known to inhabit Mexico are included.
Keywords: Plecoptera, stoneflies, Anacroneuria, Mexico, Neotropical, Oaxaca, Tabasco, Veracruz
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A new species of Leptoperla Newman, 1839 (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae) Julia H. Mynott and Gunther Theischinger
Illiesia 2016 12(11):60-63. Figures 1-6, 8 references (p.:63) (21 October 2016)
Leptoperla tsyrlini sp. n. (Holotype male, Victoria, Casterton, Glenelg River at Sanford-Bahgallah Road, -37.61922, 141.42864, 15-Oct-2013) is described from the Glenelg catchment of southwestern Victoria, Australia. Mitochondrial DNA, using a 657 bp region of the cytochrome c oxidase I gene, was used to associate the adult male of this new species with the larval form. The new species is compared to its most similar congener, L. neboissi McLellan, 1971.
Keywords:taxonomy, genetics, life-stage association, Australia
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Type designation for Neoperla furcomaculata Kong & Li, 2014 (Plecoptera: Perlidae) Fanbin Kong and Weihai Li
Illiesia 2016 12(10):59. 2 references (p.:59) (4 October 2016)
The type and repository information for Neoperla furcomaculata Kong & Li, 2014 is provided to make the name available and valid.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Perlidae, type and repository information, Neoperla furcomaculata
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The banded-wing Moselia (Plecoptera: Leuctridae) revisited. Bill P. Stark and Audrey B. Harrison
Illiesia 2016 12(9):42-58. Figures 1-52, 13 references (p.:57-58) (13 September 2016)
A new species is proposed for the leuctrid genus Moselia Ricker based primarily on scanning electron micrographs of male paraprocts. Moselia zonata, sp. n. is recognized from southern Oregon, Nevada and northern California. A diagnosis is provided to assist in identification of adult M. infuscata (Claassen) and M. zonata sp. n. The distribution of both species is summarized.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Leuctridae, Moselia, new species
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Taxonomic notes on the eggs of eastern Nearctic Isoperla (Plecoptera: Perlodidae: Isoperlinae). Scott A. Grubbs
Illiesia 2016 12(8):35-41. Figures 1-16, 15 references (p.:41) (6 September 2016)
The eggs of Isoperla burksi Frison, 1942 and I. sandbergi Szczytko and Kondratieff, 2015 are described and illustrated with scanning electron microscopy for the first time. Isoperla montana (Banks 1898) and I. zuelligi Szczytko and Kondratieff, 2015 are reported from Alabama for the first time and additional scanning micrographs are presented for I. zuelligei.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Perlodidae, Isoperla, Nearctic, eggs
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Complementary description of Anacroneuria izapa (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from Mexico. Alfredo Mayorga and Rafael Barba-Álvarez
Illiesia 2016 12(7):31-34. Figures 1-6, 10 references (p.:34) (26 August 2016)
The description of the male of Anacroneuria izapa Stark & Kondratieff 2004 is complemented and the female and egg are described from specimens collected in the Lacandona jungle, Chiapas, Mexico.
Keywords: Stoneflies, female description, egg, Chiapas, Lacandona jungle, Reserva de la Biosfera Montes Azules
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Dates, validity and spelling of Japanese stoneflies (Plecoptera) described by Shonen Matsumura. Takao Shimizu
Illiesia 2016 12(6):27-30. 23 references (p.:29-30) (11 August 2016)
Information in Matsumura (1931a) reveals the actual publication dates of the previously named Nemoura japonica Matsumura 1904 and Dictyopterygella frequens Matsumura 1905. Nemoura japonica Needham 1905 is recognized as a primary junior homonym, and Nemoura hikosan Shimizu is proposed as new replacement name for the species. Also, Rhabdiopteryx japonica Okamoto 1922 is synonymized with Nemoura japonica Matsumura. Some of Matsumura’s specific names were misspelled in the literature, the correct original spelling are: Nemoura japonica, Dictyopterygella frequens, Nemoura humeralis, Nemoura sachalinensis, Nemoura hirayamai and Apteroperla yazawai.
Keywords: synonymy, homonymy, original spelling of names, Japan
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Designation of a type species for Formosita Klapálek, 1914 (Perlidae: Perlinae). Peter Zwick.
Illiesia 2016 12(5):25-26. 14 references (p.:25-26) (25 July 2016)
Neoperla costalis (Klapálek 1913) is designated as type species of Formosita Klapálek 1914. An earlier type designation by Klapálek (1923) is considered invalid.
Keywords: Keywords: Formosina, Formosita, Neoperla, originally included species, synonymy, type species designation
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A second species of Dinotoperla Tillyard, 1921 from the Warrumbungle (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae). Gunther Theischinger.
Illiesia 2016 12(4):21-24. Figures 1-7, 5 references (p.:24) (20 July 2016)
Dinotoperla jacobsi sp. n. (Holotype male, New South Wales, Warrumbungle, Belar Creek, 31.3430° S, 149.09200° E, 29-Sept-2015) is described from the Warrumbungle Range in New South Wales, Australia. Its affinities are discussed.
Keywords: Keywords: Plecoptera, Gripopterydidae, Dinotoperla new species, Australia
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Distribution of the Smoky Willowfly, Bolotoperla rossi (Frison) (Plecoptera: Taeniopterygidae: Brachypterainae) in Eastern North America. Bill P. Stark, Audrey B. Harrison, Boris C. Kondratieff, Richard W. Baumann, and Kelly C. Nye.
Illiesia 2016 12(3):15-20. Figure 1, 21 references (p.:19-20) (5 July 2016)
Previous records of Bolotoperla rossi (Frison) are reviewed and new records are presented, including the apparent first records from South Carolina and Massachusetts. Additional records are also presented for Maine, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.
Keywords: Keywords: Plecoptera, Bolotoperla rossi, new records, distribution
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Records of an uncommon stonefly, Nemocapnia carolina Banks (Plecoptera: Capniidae), in South Carolina and nearby states. Bill P. Stark, Audrey B. Harrison and Kelly C. Nye.
Illiesia 2016 12(2):10-14. Figure 1, 16 references (p.:13-14) (16 June 2016)
New records of Nemocapnia carolina Banks are reported for South Carolina including the first specimens known from Oconee Co. since a collection made from Richland in 1931. A few records are also reported for this species from Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia and from the South Carolina-Georgia border.
Keywords: Keywords: Plecoptera, Capniidae, Nemocapnia carolina, South Carolina, distribution
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Description of the male terminalia of two western Nearctic Perlodinae (Pictetiella expansa (Banks) and Salmoperla sylvanica Baumann & Lauck). Chris J. Verdone & Boris C. Kondratieff.
Illiesia 2016 12(1):1-9. Figures 1-17, 20 references (p.:8-9) (11 February 2016)
The male epiproct and aedeagus of Pictetiella expansa (Banks) and Salmoperla sylvanica Baumann & Lauck are described and supported by scanning electron micrographs and color images.
Keywords: Keywords: Plecoptera, Pictetiella, Salmoperla, male genitalia
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