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The stonefly genus Lednia in North America (Plecoptera: Nemouridae).
Richard W. Baumann & Boris C. Kondratieff
Illiesia 2010 6(25):315-327. (28 December 2010)
The nemourid genus Lednia is characterized in the male, female and nymph stages. Two new species are described, L. borealis and L. sierra. Illustrations are provided as line drawings and scanning electron microscope images for the adult stages. Three Lednia species are presently known from western North America: L. borealis, Cascade Range, Washington; L. tumana, northern Rocky Mountains and L. sierra, Sierra Nevada, California.
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Systematic Notes on the Genus Claassenia Wu (Plecoptera: Perlidae), with Description of a New Species.
Bill P. Stark and Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2010 6(24):303-314. (15 Decemberr 2010)
Claassenia drukpa sp. n. is described from Bhutan, a lectotype is designated for C. manchuriana (Banks) and it is placed as a synonym of C. radiata (Klapálek). Claassenia semibrachyptera Wu & Claassen is redescribed from the holotype and paratype specimens in the United States National Museum and the egg of Claassenia sabulosa (Banks) is redescribed from scanning electron micrographs. Four additional Asian species are described under informal designations.
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Studies on the Plecoptera of the Kootenay Lake Drainage: A Revisitation of the Stoneflies from the Purcell Range, British Columbia, Canada.
Richard W. Baumann and Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2010 6(23):292-302. (3 November 2010)
Thirty five streams entering Kootenay Lake, British Columbia were sampled for stoneflies over a seven day period in late May and early June, 2010. The collections include 874 specimens and 34 species which increase the number of stonefly species reported for this area to 42, and many new locality records are added for British Columbia. Male and female specimens of Megaleuctra collected at two sites in the study area were determined as M. stigmata (Banks) which supports the synonymy of M. spectabilis Neave with this species. Samples were also taken from Summit Creek and the South Salmo River, two streams outside the Kootenay Lake basin for comparison. A checklist of 42 Plecoptera species reported for the Kootenay Lake drainage basin is presented and the first provincial records for Paraleuctra jewetti Nebeker & Gaufin and P. projecta (Frison) are given.
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Description of the larva of the Caucasian species, Protonemura bifida Martynov (Plecoptera, Nemouridae).
L.A. Zhiltzova, S.K. Cherchesova, L.A. Hazeeva, & M.N. Shioloshvili
Illiesia 2010 6(22):288-291. (28 October 2010)
The larval stage for Protonemura bifida Martynov is described from material collected in the Caucasus. This description represents the first of 17 known Protonemura species from this region.
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Eight new species of the genus Nemoura (Plecoptera: Nemouridae) from Thailand and Vietnam.
Ignac Sivec and Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2010 6(21):277-287. (6 October 2010)
Eight new species of Nemoura are proposed from specimens collected in Thailand and Vietnam. New species include N. apicalis sp.n., N. clavaloba sp.n., N. magniseta sp.n. N. stylocerca sp.n. and N. tenuiloba sp.n. from Vietnam, and N. neospiniloba sp.n., N. raptoraloba sp.n. and N. spinacerca sp.n. from Thailand. A provisional key for male Nemoura from Thailand and Vietnam is presented.
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Larvae of Eight Eastern Nearctic Alloperla Species (Plecoptera: Chloroperlidae).
Bill P. Stark & Boris C. Kondratieff
Illiesia 2010 6(20):267-276. (30 September 2010)
Larval descriptions are provided for eight Alloperla species found in eastern North America. Five of these, Alloperla atlantica Baumann, A. furcula Surdick, A. neglecta Frison, A. petasata Surdick and A. usa Ricker, are described for the first time and three others, A. concolor Ricker, A. imbecilla (Say), and A. natchez Surdick & Stark have earlier descriptions supplemented with new data. A preliminary larval key is presented for nine eastern Nearctic species.
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The larva and egg of Alloperla prognoides (Plecoptera: Chloroperlidae), with ecological notes and new state records from Florida, U.S.A.
Donald H. Ray, Andrew K. Rasmussen, Janice G. Peters, & Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2010 6(19):256-266. (10 September 2010)
Alloperla prognoides Surdick & Stark, previously reported from Coastal Plain Alabama, is recorded for the first time from Florida (Escambia County). Ecological notes for Florida populations are given. Larvae were collected in 4th to 5th order streams from fast flowing riffles within gravel bottom hyporheic habitats as much as 0.5 m below the stream bed. The egg and larva are described for the first time. The larva of A. prognoides has 10-12 cercal segments, whereas its sister species A. natchez Surdick & Stark and the larvae of other known species all have at least 13 cercal segments. Chaetotaxic characters were also shown to have diagnostic value.
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A Scanning Electron Microscopy Study of the Epiprocts of Western North American Sweltsa (Plecoptera: Chloroperlidae).
Kelly C. Nye & Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2010 6(18):248-255. (3 September 2010)
Three Sweltsa species with generally similar, wide epiprocts, known to occur in California and the Pacific Northwest are redescribed based on scanning electron microscopy data. The epiproct tips for Sweltsa oregonensis (Frison), S. pacifica (Banks) and S. resima Surdick are redescribed and compared with that of S. townesi (Ricker).
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A new species of eastern Nearctic Isoperla from Alabama and Mississippi, U.S.A. (Plecoptera: Perlodidae; Isoperlinae).
Scott A. Grubbs & Stanley W. Szczytko
Illiesia 2010 6(17):241-247. (31 August 2010)
Isoperla jamesae sp. n. (Perlodidae: Isoperlinae) is described from northwestern Alabama and northeastern Mississippi, U.S.A. Detailed descriptions of the adult male and female are supported by line drawings. Scanning electron micrographs are used to illustrate details of the male aedeagus and egg.
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The Larva of Amphinemura alabama Baumann and new records of Nemouridae (Plecoptera) from Mississippi, U.S.A.
Bill P. Stark & Audrey B. Harrison
Illiesia 2010 6(16):234-240. (31 August 2010)
Larvae of Amphinemura alabama Baumann are described and compared with those of A. nigritta (Provancher), new Mississippi distribution records are given for A. nigritta, Prostoia completa (Walker) and Shipsa rotunda (Claassen), and the first records for A. alabama and Soyedina alexandria Grubbs are presented for the state. An updated checklist of 57 Mississippi stonefly species is included.
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The life history of Soyedina producta (Claassen) (Plecoptera:Nemouridae) in an Oregon summer-dry stream, with notes on its larval generic character development.
Kenneth W. Stewart & Norman H. Anderson
Illiesia 2010 6(15):227-233. (21 June 2010)
Voltinism and life history of the low, but sustained, population of Soyedina producta were determined from monthly collections of larvae, and adults from emergence traps, over a 15-year period. Monthly numbers from the 5 best years, 2003-2007, and selected months from 1994 to 2002 were used for determination of larval growth. Emergence phenology was determined from numbers of adults taken from emergence traps over the period 1994 to 2008. Head capsule widths of 180 larvae were measured. The life cycle was univoltine and greatly adapted to the physical conditions of the summer-dry stream. Adult emergence peaked in March. The incubation time for eggs was not determined, but early-instar larvae were first recorded in July. There was little growth through September and then a steady growth from October until the early spring emergence. No larvae were found in benthos samples from April through June. The larval generic diagnostic character of lateral pronotal notch was present in the smallest 0.33mm head-capsule width larvae collected, and all larvae had a distinctive dark pigment pattern. First wingpad development occurred at 0.81-0.84mm head capsule width, and they grew to an inside forewingpad length of up to 1.41mm. Number of cercal segments increased during development from 16-18 to 24-28.
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Eleven new species of the genus Indonemoura Baumann (Plecoptera: Nemouridae) from Thailand and Vietnam.
Ignac Sivec and Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2010 6(14):210-226. (17 June 2010)
Eleven new species of Indonemoura Baumann are proposed from Thailand and Vietnam specimens and a tentative Thai record for I. javanica (Banks) is reported. New species include I. angulata sp. n., I. auberti sp. n., I. bilobata sp. n., I. chantaramongkolae sp. n., I. clavata sp. n, I. forcipata sp. n., I. horvati sp. n., I. malickyi sp. n., I. reducta sp. n., I. rostrilobata sp. n and I. tricantha sp. n. A provisional regional key for male Indonemoura is presented, and a group of closely related species, including I. clavata, is recognized as the I. fujianensis complex.
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A new species of Paracapnia from California (Plecoptera: Capniidae).
Boris C. Kondratieff & Jonathan J. Lee
Illiesia 2010 6(13):206-209. (17 June 2010)
Paracapnia baumanni sp. n. is described from northern California. The apterous new species is related to P. humboldta and P. boris by sharing the mesosternal postfurcasternal plates separated from the spinasternum, but the epiproct of the new species is shorter, widest in the middle, and lacking an upturned tip and the female abdominal terga are completely sclerotized.
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Catalogue of Neotropical Plecoptera.
Claudio Gilberto Froehlich
Illiesia 2010 6(12):118-205. (21 May 2010)
The Catalogue of Neotropical Plecoptera lists 508 valid names, of which 32 are dubious. The history of each name is given. The Neotropical Region comprises six families, of which two are endemic to the southern half. The Diamphipnoidae has 3 genera and 6 species, the Eustheniidae, 2 genera and 2 species, the Austroperlidae, 3 genera and 4 species, the Gripopterygidae, 28 genera and 85 species, the Notonemouridae, 4 genera and 18 species and the Perlidae, 10 genera and 393 species, the majority (332 species) in the genus Anacroneuria.
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Malenka murvoshi, a new species of stonefly from the Spring Mountains of southern Nevada (Plecoptera: Nemouridae).
Richard W. Baumann & Boris C. Kondratieff
Illiesia 2010 6(11):113-117. (6 May 2010)
Malenka murvoshi, sp. n. of the stonefly family Nemouridae is named from the Spring Mountains of southern Nevada. The adult male and female are described and illustrated using line drawings and electron micrographs. Additionally, the larva is preliminarily described. The new species is apparently endemic to the Spring Mountains.
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Seven new species of Phanoperla Banks from Vietnam and Thailand (Plecoptera: Perlidae).
Ignac Sivec & Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2010 6(10):98-112. (28 April 2010)
Phanoperla hubleyi sp. n. and P. lobata sp. n. are described from male specimens collected in Vietnam and P. doisutep sp. n., P. huang sp. n., P. occipitalis sp. n., P. uchidai sp. n. and P. wieng sp. n. from specimens collected in Thailand. The female and egg of P. vietnamensis Zwick and P. lao Stark are also described and additional records are given for P. imitatrix Zwick, P. lisu Stark and P. malayana Zwick. A provisional key is provided for Phanoperla males known for mainland Southeast Asia.
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New species and new records of Plecoptera from Korea and the Russian Far East.
Peter Zwick
Illiesia 2010 6(09):75-97. (28 April 2010)
Plecoptera collected with Malaise traps in South Korea were studied. The material comprised 25 identified species, including seven new species, and six new records for Korea. The genus Despaxia (Leuctridae) is recorded from Asia for the first time. The following new species are named: Amphinemura denstigris, Nemoura rugosa, Nemoura tripotini, Despaxia asiatica, Paraleuctra malaisei, Megarcys teslenkonis, and Sweltsa zhiltzovae. Descriptions of several known species are supplemented. Nemoura sahlbergi problematica Zwick, 1973 is considered a nomen dubium. The total number of Plecoptera species known from Korea now equals 57.
In addition, Nemoura lazoensis, a new species from the Russian Far East, Primorjski Territory, is described.
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Five new species of Chinoperla Zwick (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from Vietnam and Thailand.
Ignac Sivec & Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2010 6(08):62-74. (13 April 2010)
Five new species of Chinoperla Zwick are proposed from Vietnamese and Thai specimens. Descriptions are presented for Chinoperla gorohovi sp. n., C. porntip sp. n., C. sila n. sp., C. spinata sp. n. and C. yi sp. n., and holotype males are designated for each. Two unassociated females are also described under informal designations and the female is described for C. unidentata Sivec & Zwick. A provisional key for males is provided.
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Caroperla longiseta (Plecoptera: Perlidae), a new stonefly species from Thailand.
Ignac Sivec & Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2010 6(07):58-61. (25 March 2010)
Caroperla longiseta sp. nov., is described from adult and larval specimens collected in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. The new species is compared to C. pacifica Kohno, the only previously known member of the genus.
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The life history of Ostrocerca dimicki (Frison) in a short-flow, summer-dry Oregon stream.
Kenneth W. Stewart & Norman H. Anderson
Illiesia 2010 6(06):52-57. (19 March 2010)
The voltinism and life history of Ostrocerca dimicki (Frison) were determined from monthly benthic collections of larvae, and adults from an emergence trap, from a short-flow, intermittent stream. Collections were from four water years, 1996-97, 1997-98, 1998-99, and 2002-03, selected from 17 years of samples. Determination of emergence timing was supplemented by collections of adults in 2008, from 10 emergence traps set to include a range of habitat types on the receiving seasonal stream. Growth was assessed by increase of head- capsule width of 667 larvae. A total of 202 males and 261 females were taken in the 4-year and 2008 emergence trap samples. Emergence in late February- April, first appearance of early- instar larvae the following December or January about a month after typical resumption of water flow, and rapid growth in 3-4 months, indicated a straightforward univoltine, fast cycle, with a probable over-summer egg diapause. Population levels fluctuated substantially over the 17-year period, depending on rainfall and duration of flow. Drought periods reduced the population, leading to low or no emergence and subsequent slow recovery, presumably from long-term diapausing eggs.
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Eight new species of Amphinemura (Plecoptera: Nemouridae) from Vietnam.
Bill P. Stark & Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2010 6(05):41-51. (5 March 2010)
Eight new species of Amphinemura are recognized based on specimens collected in Vietnam. New taxa include A. bifurcata sp. n., A. caoae sp. n., A. divergens sp. n., A. giay sp. n., A. meyi sp. n., A. sapa sp. n., A. tamdao sp.n. and A. viet sp. n. A single male specimen of A. gressitti Kawai and a male and female of A. hainana Li & Yang are also reported and two species based on unassociated females are described under informal designations. A preliminary key for males of Amphinemura known for Vietnam is presented.
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Studies on Sweltsa townesi and a new species, Sweltsa salix, from northern California (Plecoptera: Chloroperlidae).
Jonathan J. Lee & Richard W. Baumann
Illiesia 2010 6(04):34-40. (2 March 2010)
Sweltsa townesi is redescribed and refigured using scanning electron micrographs and available records are provided from its known range in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and Nevada. Sweltsa salix sp. n. from the Klamath River drainage in the Coast Range and the upper Sacramento River drainage of California is described for the male and female, and compared with its closest congener, S. townesi.
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Two new species of stoneflies in the Leuctra ferruginea group (Plecoptera: Leuctridae), with notes on the Leuctra species known for Mississippi and Alabama, U.S.A.
Audrey B. Harrison and Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2010 6(03):16-33. (26 February 2010)
Leuctra colemanorum sp.n. and L. hicksi sp.n. are proposed from Mississippi specimens and compared to related members of the L. ferruginea (Walker) complex. Leuctra colemanorum is placed in the L. ferruginea subgroup and L. hicksi is placed in the L. rickeri James subgroup. Comparative SEM images are provided for L. alabama James, L. ferruginea, L. paleo Poulton & Stewart, L. rickeri and L. szczytkoi Stark & Stewart, and updates are provided for the Leuctra species lists for Mississippi and Alabama. The first records of L. triloba Claassen from Alabama, L. ferruginea for Louisiana and Tennessee, and L. carolinensis Claassen for Mississippi are presented. Potential synonymies of L. rickeri with L. alabama and L. paleo with L. szczytkoi are suggested.
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The larva of Paracapnia disala (Jewett) (Plecoptera: Capniidae).
Kenneth W. Stewart
Illiesia 2010 6(02):11-15. (19 February 2010)
The larva of Paracapnia disala (Jewett) was associated from two first order headwater streams in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon, U.S.A. Larvae of this first western Paracapnia species to be associated, were studied and compared morphologically with those of the eastern Paracapnia angulata Hanson to determine if it conforms with proposed generic characters and if it has specific diagnostic characters. Habitus and character drawings and SEM’s of P. disala and P. angulata larval mouthparts are presented. Wingpad presence/absence and ventral lacinial comb hair differences between the two species are diagnostic.
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Studies on Korean stoneflies (Insecta: Plecoptera) with descriptions of two new species.
Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2010 6(01):1-10. (2 February 2010)
Two new species, Kathroperla doma sp.n. (Chloroperlidae) and Perlodes kippenhani sp.n. (Perlodidae), are recognized, the female and egg are described for Kamimuria zwicki Stark & Sivec, and new Korean records are given for Kiotina decorata (Zwick), Neoperla ussurica Sivec & Zhiltzova, Oyamia nigribasis Banks, Yoraperla han Stark & Nelson and Y. uchidai Stark & Nelson. The description of K. doma represents the first Asian record of genus Kathroperla. An updated checklist of 44 formally named plecopterans recorded from the Republic of Korea is presented.
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