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The Nymph of Holcoperla angularis (Wisely) (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae) from New Zealand
McLellan Ian
Illiesia 2006 2(8):57-60 (27 December 2006)
The nymph of Holcoperla angularis (Wisely) is described and figured for the first time. Notes on habitat and a distribution map are given.
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Records and descriptions of some Nemouride species (Order: Plecoptera) from Leigong Mountain, Guizhou province, China.
Wang Zhi-Jie, Yu-Zhou Du, I. Sivec & Zi-Zhong Li
Illiesia 2006 2(7):50-56 (22 December 2006)
Three new species of Nemouridae, Amphinemura leigong Wang & Du, Indonemura trilongispina Du & Wang, and Nemoura oculata Wang & Du are described and illustrated from male specimens collected on Leigong Mountain in southeast Guizhou Province, China. New records from this area are also given for Amphinemura cordiformis Li & Yang, Nemoura guangdongensis Li & Yang and a Nemoura species being described elsewhere.
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Soyedina alexandria and S. calcarea (Plecoptera: Nemouridae), new stonefly species from the eastern Nearctic region and notes on the life cycle of S. calcarea.
Grubbs, Scott A.
Illiesia 2006 2(6):39-49 (16 December 2006)
Two new species of eastern Nearctic Nemouridae, Soyedina alexandria and S. calcarea, are described from the karst regions of Tennessee and Kentucky, U.S.A. Illustrations and scanning electron micrographs of the male and female stages are provided and diagnostic characters separating these two species from closely-related S. vallicularia are presented. Soyedina vallicularia was studied across its broad range to address potential morphological variation, which may impede the ability to differentiate S. alexandria and S. calcarea from S. vallicularia. A diagnostic key is provided for the males of S. vallicularia, S. alexandria, and S. calcarea. Nymphs of S. calcarea were collected monthly over a two-year period from the Kentucky type locality and size frequency histograms of head capsule width revealed a univoltine-slow cycle. Adults emerged between February and April, and early-instar nymphs were present by May suggesting a direct hatch of eggs. The life history pattern displayed by S. calcarea is similar to that demonstrated by S. vallicularia in Quebec and Ontario.
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Three New Species of Perlesta (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from Eastern North America and Notes on New State Records
Boris C. Kondratieff, Robert E. Zuellig, Ralph F. Kirchner, & David R. Lenat
Illiesia 2006 2(5):31-38 (20 October 2006)
Three new species of the Nearctic Perlidae genus Perlesta are described from North Carolina and Virginia, USA. Perlesta leathermani sp. n. is described from Hoke/Moore County, North Carolina, P. bjostadi, sp. n. from the Harnett/Cumberland Co., North Carolina, and P. cranshawi sp. n. is described from Sussex Co., Virginia. The adult male, adult female, and egg are described and illustrated for P. leathermani and P. cranshawi, and the adult male and adult female for P. bjostadi. Three new state records for North Carolina are also reported, P. puttmanni Kondratieff and Kirchner, P. roblei Kondratieff and Kirchner and Perlinella zwicki Kondratieff, Kirchner, and Stewart.
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First Report of the Nymph of Neoperla Needham, 1905 (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from Ile-Ife, southwestern Nigeria.
Ogbogu, Sylvester S.
Illiesia 2006 2(4):27-30 (2 June 2006)
The nymph of the stonefly genus Neoperla Needham (1905) is reported for the first time from Ile-Ife in Osun State, southwestern Nigeria.
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The Female and Egg of Salmoperla sylvanica (Plecoptera: Perlodidae)
Bill P. Stark & Richard W. Baumann
Illiesia 2006 2(3):24-26 (11 April 2006)
The first descriptions of the egg and female are provided for Salmoperla sylvanica Baumann & Lauck, a large perlodine stonefly known only from northern California. Comparisons are made with Oroperla, the apparent sister group for Salmoperla.
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Endemism and Biogeography of New Zealand Plecoptera (Insecta)
Ian McLellan
Illiesia 2006 2(2):15-23 (8 March 2006)
New Zealand has 4 families of Plecoptera: Austroperlidae (1 genus); Eusteniidae (1 genus); Gripopterygidae (12 genera); Notonemouridae (7 genera). All genera are endemic except Notonemoura which is shared with Australia. Within ?ew Z?aland there are 4 South Island endemic genera; none on North Island or Snares; 1 each on Stewart Island, Campbell Island and Auckland Islands. Species endemic to islands are: North and South and Stewart Islands - 5 species from 5 genera; North and South Islands - 16 species from 5 genera; North Island - 7 species from 6 genera; South Island - 60 species from 16 genera; all of South Island and Stewart Island - 1 species; Stewart Island - 2 species from 2 genera; Snares - 1 species; Auckland Islands - 4 species from 1 genus; Campbell Island - 2 species from 1 genus. There are no stoneflies on the Chatham and Antipodes Islands. A full list of the 104 described species is given.
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Continued Studies of Vibrational Communication (Drumming) Of North American Plecoptera
John B. Sandberg & Kenneth W. Stewart
Illiesia 2006 2(1):1-14 (8 March 2006)
The drumming signals of thirteen North American stonefly species are reported. New signals are described for six species (Isoperla muir, I. rainera, I. rougensis, I. tilasqua, Pteronarcys scotti and the female answer of Soliperla campanula). Descriptions of new signal characters and results from additional population locations are provided for seven species (Perlinella drymo, Hydroperla crosbyi, I. bifurcata, I. sobria, I. phalerata, I. quinquepunctata and Pteronarcys dorsata).
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