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Taenionema jeanae, a New Species of Stonefly from Southern California (Plecoptera: Taeniopterygidae).
Richard W. Baumann, and C. Riley Nelson
Illiesia 2007 3(18):174-177 (28 December 2007)
Taenionema jeanae sp. n. is described from Silverado Canyon, Orange County, California. The new species was compared with the Taenionema species that occur in western North America, and was found to be most similar to T. californicum (Needham and Claassen).
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Anacroneuria marshalli (Plecoptera: Perlidae), a new stonefly from Argentina, and two new records from Ecuador.
Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2007 3(17):171-173 (28 December 2007)
Anacroneuria marshalli, a previously unknown stonefly species, is described from a single male specimen collected in Salta, Argentina, and new records are given for A. camposi (Banks) and A. kondratieffi Stark, two Ecuadorian species known only from holotype specimens.
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The genus Chernokrilus Ricker (Plecoptera: Perlodidae).
Boris C. Kondratieff, Richard W. Baumann, and Jonathan J. Lee
Illiesia 2007 3(16):163-170 (23 November 2007)
The perlodine Chernokrilus erratus (Claassen) is considered a junior subjective synonym of C. misnomus (Claassen). This rare stonefly is associated with spring-fed runs and small streams in the Coast Range of northern California and Oregon.
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What is Bolshecapnia sasquatchi Ricker? Plus a new species of Bolshecapnia from Montana (Plecoptera: Capniidae).
Richard W. Baumann and David S. Potter
Illiesia 2007 3(15):157-162 (12 November 2007)
The name Bolshecapnia sasquatchi was found to include 2 different species. The name bearing, original species, occurs in British Columbia and Washington and a previously undescribed species, B. missiona, occurs in Montana. Bolshecapnia sasquatchi was only known in the male adult stage, but the female is herein described. Bolshecapnia missiona is described in the male, female and larval stages. SEM photos of the male and female terminalia are given for both species and a diagnosis is provided that separates these 2 species in the male and female adult stages. Distribution records are given for both species.
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Taiwanese species of Cryptoperla (Plecoptera: Peltoperlidae).
Bill P. Stark and Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2007 3(14):150-156 (17 September 2007)
The Taiwanese species of Cryptoperla are reviewed and three species are given formal recognition. Records are given for Cryptoperla formosana (Okamoto), a previously recognized species and a new name, C. klapaleki is proposed for C. formosana (Klapálek). The latter species is redescribed from the holotype and from fresh material, and a new species C. uchidai is also proposed. Unassociated females for one species are described under an informal designation.
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Additions to the Colombian Anacroneuria fauna (Plecoptera: Perlidae) with descriptions of seven new species.
Maria del Carmen Zúniga, Bill P. Stark, William Cardona, César Tamaris-Turizo, & Oscar E. Ortega
Illiesia 2007 3(13):127-149 (13 September 2007)
Seven new species are described from Colombia: Anacroneuria citara, A. otun, A. pastora, A. quimbaya, A. tatama, A. tayrona and A. tunasi. The first Colombian records are given for A. bari Stark, A. curiosa Stark and A. harperi Stark; the latter two species were previously known from Mesoamerica and this is their first report from South America. New records, mainly in the Andinum natural region, are presented for 20 previously reported Colombian species. In addition, the unknown females of A. calima Baena & Rojas, A. marta Zúniga & Stark and A. yameo Stark & Sivec are described, and three unassociated females are described under informal designation.
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New species and records of Asian Peltoperlidae (Insecta: Plecoptera).
Bill P. Stark and Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2007 3(12):104-126 (31 August 2007)
Nine new peltoperlid species are described from Southeast Asia including five Cryptoperla Needham and four Peltoperlopsis Illies, and provisional keys for males of both genera are presented. The female, larva and egg are described for C. fraterna (Banks), the female and egg for C. ishigakiensis (Kawai), and unassociated females of Cryptoperla and Peltoperlopsis are also described with informal designations. New records are given for C. karen Stark, P. concolor Banks and P. malickyi Stark & Sivec, Peltoperla nigrifulva Wu is transferred to Peltoperlopsis, Peltoperla sinensis Wu & Claassen is transferred to Cryptoperla, and a checklist of Asian Peltoperlidae is presented. [Download .PDF (3210 Kb)]

The first record of Macrogynoplax Enderlein (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from the Colombian Amazonas.
Maria del Carmen Zúniga and Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2007 3(11):102-103 (23 August 2007)
The stonefly genus Macrogynoplax is reported for the first time from Colombia based on a single female specimen collected in the Amazonas region. The specimen is described under an informal designation and compared with similar members of the genus.
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Sweltsa yurok (Plecoptera: Chloroperlidae), a new stonefly from California, U.S.A.
Bill P. Stark and Richard W. Baumann
Illiesia 2007 3(10):95-101 (20 August 2007)
Sweltsa yurok, sp. n. is described from specimens collected in the Coast Range of northern California. The new species is compared to S. pisteri Baumann & Bottorff, and S. tamalpa (Ricker), closely related species found in the same region, and a provisional key to males of the Sweltsa tamalpa species group is presented.
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The Winter Stoneflies (Plecoptera: Capniidae) of Mississippi.
Tina M. Nations, Bill P. Stark and Matthew B. Hicks
Illiesia 2007 3(9):70-94 (20 August 2007)
The Mississippi winter stonefly fauna includes seven Allocapnia species [A. aurora Ricker, A. granulata (Claassen), A. mystica Frison, A. polemistis Ross & Ricker, A. rickeri Frison, A. starki Kondratieff & Kirchner and A. virginiana Frison] and Nemocapnia carolina Banks; Allocapnia recta (Claassen), previously recorded from the state, is deleted from the list and all records for this species are assigned to A. starki. The male epiproct and 8th tergal process of the Mississippi Capniidae were examined with scanning electron microscopy, and the female subgenital plates were also studied to determine if these could be reliably separated. A brief description is given for female genital segments of A. polemistis.
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The life cycle and nymphal feeding of Capnioneura petitpierreae Aubert, 1961 (Plecoptera, Capniidae).
Daniel Navarro-Martínez, Manuel J. López-Rodríguez & J. Manuel Tierno de Figueroa
Illiesia 2007 3(8):65-69 (17 July 2007)
The life cycle and nymphal feeding of Capnioneura petitpierreae Aubert in a temporary stream in the Southern Iberian Peninsula was studied. This collector-gatherer species had a univoltine life cycle with fast growth. In fact, nymphs are only present during five months, from November to March, showing remarkable size variation in all months. The life cycle is compared with that of other Plecoptera from temporary streams and with other species of Capniidae.
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Studies of Indonesian Perlidae (Plecoptera), with descriptions of three new species.
Bill P. Stark and Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2007 3(7):53-64 (11 July 2007)
Records are presented for sixteen perlid stoneflies in Indonesia including three previously unrecognized species from Kalimantan. Most records are from the islands of Sumatra, Java or Borneo, but also included are records of Neoperla nymphs from Irian Jaya Province on the island of New Guinea. Tetropina larvata Klapálek is placed as a synonym of T. fulgescens (Enderlein) and egg descriptions based on scanning electron micrographs are provided for several species.
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Cosumnoperla sequoia, a new species of stonefly from the Sierra Nevada, California (Plecoptera: Perlodidae: Isoperlinae).
Richard L. Bottorff
Illiesia 2007 3(6):46-52 (26 June 2007)
A new stonefly species, Cosumnoperla sequoia, is named from an intermittent stream in the southern Sierra Nevada, California. The adult male and female, mature larva, and egg are described, illustrated, and compared with Cosumnoperla hypocrena Szczytko and Bottorff. The adult males of C. sequoia most clearly differ from C. hypocrena by their unique 10th tergal process and swollen spinule patches on tergum 8 and 9. Adult females are distinguished by their elongated and shallowly notched subgenital plate, while larvae possess distinctive medial sclerites on ventral thoracic segments. Both species are apparently restricted to intermittent streams in the Sierra Nevada, California.
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Additional characters in Perlesta baumanni Stark (Plecoptera: Perlidae), with notes on other Ouachita mountain species.
Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2007 3(5):43-45 (26 June 2007)
The male aedeagus for Perlesta baumanni Stark, a dark species known from 7 sites in western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma, is described for the first time, and collection records for P. fusca Poulton & Stewart and P. browni Stark are given.
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New species of and keys to South American Gripopterygidae (Plecoptera).
Ian D. McLellan and Peter Zwick
Illiesia 2007 3(4):20-42 (26 June 2007)
Uncicauda pirata new genus and species and Alfonsoperla flinti new genus and species are described. The larvae of the following named species are either described for the first time (1st) or corrected (cd) descriptions given: Antarctoperla altera (1st), Aubertoperla illiesi (cd), Aubertoperla kuscheli (cd), Claudioperla tigrina (cd), Limnoperla jaffueli (cd), Rhithroperla rossi (cd), Teutoperla spp. (1st). We also describe larvae of four Antarctoperlinae species that cannot be associated with adults; these new larvae are therefore not named. The larvae of the South American Gripopterygidae are keyed to genus, and some to species.
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Paracapnia humboldta (Plecoptera: Capniidae), a new winter stonefly from northern California, U.S.A.
Richard W. Baumann and Jonathan J. Lee
Illiesia 2007 3(3):17-19 (26 June 2007)
Paracapnia humboldta, n.sp., is described from specimens collected at Mason Gulch in the Coast Range of northern California. The new species is compared to the three named species that occur in the Pacific coastal states.
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A Synopsis of Styloperlidae (Insecta, Plecoptera) with description of Cerconychia sapa, a new stonefly from Vietnam.
Stark Bill P. and Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2007 3(2):10-16 (4 June 2007)
Cerconychia sapa, spec. nov. is described from adult specimens collected in Vietnam. The species is compared to others in the genus and provisional keys to male Cerconychia Klapálek and Styloperla Wu are provided.
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Phenology and diversity of adult stoneflies (Plecoptera) of a small coastal stream, California.
Richard L. Bottorff and Loren D. Bottorff
Illiesia 2007 3(1):1-9 (9 March 2007)
Collections of adult stoneflies over a full year at Irish Gulch Creek, Mendocino Co., California, revealed 23 species. Adults were present at all times of the year. Species number varied from an autumnal low of 2 to a spring peak of 13. Adults of most species were present for less than 3 months, but Malenka depressa adults were present year-round. Hesperoperla hoguei was the only strictly autumnal-emerging species. The report of Suwallia dubia from Irish Gulch Creek represents a new California record. The stonefly faunas of Irish Gulch Creek (low coastal) and Sagehen Creek (high Sierra Nevada) were compared. Both creeks had similar numbers of species, but the species composition differed greatly, reflecting dissimilar environments (elevation, water temperature, thermal accumulation, and discharge). Irish Gulch Creek had uniform warmer temperatures; Sagehen Creek had variable colder temperatures. Peak emergence at Irish Gulch Creek occurred 2 months earlier than at Sagehen Creek.
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