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New morphological observations and phylogenetic placement of Capnia shasta (Plecoptera: Capniidae).
C. Riley Nelson, Richard W. Baumann and Jonathan J. Lee
Illiesia 9(12):122-125. Figures 1-8, 5 references (p.:125.)
(13 November 2013)
The male epiproct of Capnia shasta is redescribed and the presence of a lower lobe is noted. Capnia shasta is moved to the C. ventura species Subgroup of the C. californica Group as defined by Nelson (2004). A redescription of the male epiproct is provided and supported by scanning electron micrographs. We also report this species from the Salmon River drainage, Marble Mountains, northern California.
Keywords: Plecoptera, stonefly, Capniidae, Capnia, California, Coast Range
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Kamimuria gressitti, a New Stonefly Species from China (Plecoptera: Perlidae), and New Records of K. atra from Vietnam.
Bill P. Stark and Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 9(11):116-121. Figures 1-8, 1 Table, 17 references (pp.:120-121.)
(6 November 2013)
A new species of Kamimuria, based on male and female specimens collected in 1948 by J.L. Gressitt and colleagues in Hubei Province, China, is described and compared to related species of the genus. New provincial records are also given for K. atra Sivec & Stark from Cao Bang and Nghe An, Vietnam.
Keywords: Kamimuria, Plecoptera, Perlidae, China, Vietnam, new species, new distributional records
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A New Species of Neonemura (Plecoptera: Notonemouridae), and Records of Stoneflies from Aisén Province, Region XI, Chile.
Bill P. Stark and John C. Morse
Illiesia 9(10):110-115. Figures 1-4, 20 references (pp.:114-115.)
(4 November 2013)
Neonemura copa sp. nov. is described from a male specimen collected from a tributary to Lago Copa in Aisén Province (Region XI), Chile, and records for nine additional stonefly species are presented for the province.
Keywords: Neonemura, Lago Copa, Cisnes Municipality, distribution
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A replacement name for Neoperla siveci Li and Li (Plecoptera: Perlidae).
Weihai Li and Xiangping Li
Illiesia 9(09):109. 2 references (p.:109.) (24 October 2013)
Neoperla ignacsiveci nom nov. is established as a replacement name for N. siveci Li and Li, which is junior homonym of N. siveci Zwick.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Perlidae, N. siveci Zwick, replacement name, Neoperla ignacsiveci nom nov.
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Larval and Egg Morphology of Paraperla frontalis (Banks 1902) and P. wilsoni Ricker 1965 (Plecoptera: Chloroperlidae).
Stark, Bill P., Richard W. Baumann, Boris C. Kondratieff, & Kenneth W. Stewart†
Illiesia 2013 9(08):101-108. Figures 1-18, 14 references (p.:108.)
(23 October 2013)
Eggs and larvae of Paraperla frontalis (Banks) and P. wilsoni Ricker are described from scanning electron micrographs. The eggs of both species are coarsely punctate over the entire chorion except for a narrow ring which surrounds the sessile collar, however, punctations are larger and more conspicuous on P. frontalis eggs. Larvae of P. wilsoni are similar to those of P. frontalis, but lack the lacinial pecten row and vertical cercal fringe found in the latter species.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Chloroperlidae, Paraperla, egg morphology, larval identification
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Lectotype Designation and Redescription for Anacroneuria fumigata Klapálek (Plecoptera: Perlidae), with New Records and Description of a New Species of Anacroneuria from Argentina.
Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2013 9(07):94-100. Figures 1-9, 30 references (pp.:99-100.)
(22 October 2013)
Anacroneuria tucuman sp. nov. is described from two males collected in Tucuman Province, Argentina, and a lectotype is designated for Anacroneuria fumigata Klapálek, a Brazilian species. The first Argentine records are given for A. atrifrons Klapálek and A. handlirschi Klapálek, and a few additional specimens of A. impensa Jewett, A. trimacula Jewett and A. uyara Froehlich are recorded. A checklist for 24 Argentine Anacroneuria species is given.
Keywords: Anacroneuria, Plecoptera, Perlidae, Brazil, Argentina, Lectotype, new species, new records
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The genus Megaleuctra Neave (Plecoptera: Leuctridae) in North America.
Richard W. Baumann and Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2013 9(06):65-93. Figures 1-86, 29 references (pp.:92-93.)
(16 September 2013)
The extant Nearctic Megaleuctra are reviewed and five species are recognized: M. complicata Claassen, M. flinti Baumann, M. kincaidi Frison, M. stigmata (Banks), and M. williamsae Hanson. Diagnostic illustrations and SEM images are provided for the male and female of all species. The females of M. complicata and M. flinti are described for the first time and M. sierra Fields is placed as a synonym of M. stigmata.
Keywords: Plecoptera, stonefly, Leuctridae, Megaleuctra, North America
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The Isoperla of California (Plecoptera: Perlodidae); Updated Male Descriptions and Adult Keys for 18 Western Nearctic Species.
John B. Sandberg, & Boris C. Kondratieff
Illiesia 2013 9(05):34-64. Figures 1-21, 1 Table, 28 references (pp.:63-64.)
(2 August 2013)
The adults of 18 western Nearctic species of the stonefly genus Isoperla Banks from California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Utah were studied. Updated species keys and male descriptions are presented. Three species occurring in adjacent states but not recorded in California, I. rainiera Jewett, I. tilasqua Szczytko & Stewart and I. umpqua Szczytko & Stewart, are included in the descriptions and keys.
Keywords: adult species key, Isoperla, western Nearctic
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Isoperla umpqua, a new species of western Nearctic stonefly (Plecoptera: Isoperlinae).
Stanley W. Szczytko and Kenneth W. Stewart
Illiesia 2013 9(04):28-33. Figures 1-15, 6 references (p.:33.) (13 May 2013)
Detailed descriptions and illustrations of Isoperla umpqua, a new species of western Nearctic Isoperla including larva, ova and adults are provided. This is a replacement name for Isoperla muir Szczytko and Stewart, nomen nudum.
Keywords: Isoperla, Plecoptera, Perlodidae, new species, Oregon, Pacific Northwest
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A new stonefly from Lebanon, Perlodes thomasi sp. n. (Plecoptera: Perlodidae).
Gilles Vinçon, Aref Dia, Tibor Kovács & Dávid Murányi
Illiesia 2013 9(03):18-27. Figures 1-7, 1 table, 21 references (p.:27.)
(22 February 2013)
A new Perlodes species from Lebanon, Perlodes thomasi, is described and compared with its closely related species P. floridus floridus Kovács & Vinçon 2012 from the Balkan Peninsula and P. floridus peloponnesiacus Kovács & Vinçon 2012 from the Greek Peloponnes. These taxa differ from all the previously described Perlodes species primarily in the exceptional shape of the egg and the attachment disc. P. thomasi sp. n. is a cold stenothermal species occurring in the close surrounding of rheocrene karstic springs on the Western slope of Mount Lebanon. The list of the 16 stoneflies known from Lebanon so far is updated and discussed.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Stoneflies, Perlodes thomasi sp. n., P. floridus, P. floridus peloponnesiacus, new species, Lebanon
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Recent collection and DNA barcode of the rare Coffee Pot Snowfly Capnia nelsoni (Plecoptera: Capniidae).
Brian D. Heinold, Brian A. Gill, & Boris C. Kondratieff
Illiesia 2013 9(02):14-17. Figures 1-3, 13 references (p.:17.) (31 January 2013)
The Coffee Pot Snowfly, Capnia nelsoni Kondratieff & Baumann, was recollected in July 2012 for the first time since the original type material collected in 1981. Scanning electron micrographs of the male and female terminalia are presented and comparisons with similar species are briefly discussed. The first DNA barcode for this species is presented.
Keywords: Capnia nelsoni, winter stoneflies, DNA barcode, Colorado, rheocrene
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Larvae of the two North American species of Calileuctra (Plecoptera: Leuctridae).
†Kenneth W. Stewart, Bill P. Stark and Larry L. Serpa
Illiesia 2013 9(01):1-13. Figures 1-34, 6 references (pp.:12-13.) (9 January 2013)
Comparative larval descriptions and an updated generic diagnosis are provided for the two rare Nearctic species of the leuctrid genus Calileuctra Shepard & Baumann. The larva of the generotype C. ephemera Shepard & Baumann,was previously described, in part, from a single larva that was illustrated and subsequently lost, and the larval exuvium of a single reared male paratype. Larvae of C. dobryi Shepard & Baumann, were previously described in part from three individuals. Comparative descriptions utilize additional associated larvae, and SEM and light microscope study, providing additional characters. A key to the larval species is provided and differences in the molar structure of the right mandible of Leuctridae and Capniidae are discussed.
Keywords: Calileuctra, Plecoptera, Leuctridae, Larval descriptions
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