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The Genus Togoperla Klapálek (Plecoptera: Perlidae).
Bill P. Stark and Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2008 4(20):208-225. (18 December 2008)
The genus Togoperla Klapálek is reviewed and 11 eastern Palearctic and Oriental species are considered valid. Most known species are redescribed from type material, several new synonymies are proposed, and keys are provided for the identification of male and female specimens. Togoperla clavata sp. n., from Vietnam is described and Kamimuria poilanina Navas is transferred to Togoperla.
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Redescription of Nemoura cochleocercia (Plecoptera: Nemouridae) from China.
Weihai Li, Guangwei Feng, and Ding Yang
Illiesia 2008 4(19):205-207. (18 December 2008)
Nemoura cochleocercia is reillustrated and redescribed based on the type and a small collection of new specimens from the type locality. The species is distinguished by its spoon-shaped cerci each with a prominent upcurved spine at the proximal margin.
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Hierarchical relationships of North American states and provinces: An area cladistic analysis based on the distribution of stoneflies (Insecta: Plecoptera).
Charles H. Nelson
Illiesia 2008 4(18):176-204. (18 December 2008)
The distribution pattern of 67 genera, 507 species and 2 subspecies of North American Plecoptera is examined using a variant of Parsimony Analysis of Endemicity (PAE), Cladistic Analysis of Distributions and Endemisms (CADE), to assess hierarchical relationships of 85 large political units belonging to Canada, the USA and Mexico. Consensus area cladograms generated from the 146 minimum-length area cladograms revealed three main assemblages of area clades: The states of northwestern Mexico (Chihuahua, Sonora, Baja California) together with the states and provinces of the western USA and Canada (Nunavut, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Arizona, South Dakota, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Alaska, Yukon, Montana, Idaho, Alberta, British Colombia, California, Oregon, Washington); the states and provinces of the eastern USA and Canada (Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Newfoundland, Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nebraska, North Dakota, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, District of Columbia, New Jersey, Delaware, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois); and the remaining states of Mexico (Sinaloa, Tabasco, San Luis Potosi, Puebla, Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Nayarit, Michoacan, Morelos, Distrito Federal, Mexico, Jalisco, Durango, Coahuila, Chiapas, Vera Cruz, Oaxaca, Guerrero). The major clades of the consensus area cladograms may be reflecting historical phenomena as these can be correlated with geologic events that either fragmented or joined principal North American land areas in the late Jurassic (clade 67), early and mid-Cretaceous, and Miocene (clades 2 and 24). Low values for the consistency (CI), retention (RI) and rescaled consistency (RC) indices of the 146 minimum-length area cladograms very likely reflect one or some combination of (1) the extinction of taxa; (2) the influence of random distribution of taxa; (3) the high number as well as the artificial nature of the geographic area units; or (4) incomplete information concerning the distribution of North American Plecoptera genera and species. The hierarchical patterns of this PAE/CADE analysis will need to be corroborated by species phylogenies of North American Plecoptera when they become available.
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Systematic notes on Kiotina Klapálek and Hemacroneuria Enderlein (Plecoptera: Perlidae), with description of four new species.
Bill P. Stark and Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2008 4(17):161-175. (18 November 2008)
Data supporting recognition of genus Hemacroneuria Enderlein are presented and H. marginalis, sp. n., and H. malickyi sp. n., from Vietnam are proposed. In addition, several poorly known Kiotina Klapálek species from China,Taiwan and Okinawa are redescribed (K. collaris (Banks), K. quadrituberculata Wu, K. riukiuensis Ueno), the synonymy of Schistoperla Banks with Kiotina is supported, and two new Chinese species, Kiotina bifurcata sp. n. and K. delicata sp. n. are described.
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New Vietnamese species of genus Acroneuria (Plecoptera: Perlidae).
Bill P. Stark and Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2008 4(16):154-160. (29 October 2008)
Two new species of Acroneuria Pictet are recognized from Vietnam and additional records are presented for A. bachma Cao & Bae and A. magnifica Cao & Bae. The new species, A. apicalis sp. n., and A. azunensis sp. n., are compared with related congeners, and an unassociated female is described under informal designation.
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Studies on Sinacroneuria Yang & Yang (Plecoptera: Perlidae) with description of new species from China and Vietnam.
Bill P. Stark and Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2008 4(15):150-153. (29 October 2008)
Two previously unrecognized members of genus Sinacroneuria Yang & Yang are described and compared with known congeners. Sinacroneuria biocellata sp. n. is described from a single specimen collected in northern Vietnam, and S. bicornuata sp. n. is described from specimen collected in southwest China.
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Taxonomic and distributional notes on Perlesta teaysia, P. golconda, and P. shawnee Plecoptera: Perlidae).
Scott A. Grubbs & R. Edward DeWalt
Illiesia 2008 4(14):143-149. (29 October 2008)
Perlesta napacola DeWalt is shown to be a junior synonym of P. teaysia Kirchner & Kondratieff. The egg of P. golconda DeWalt & Stark is illustrated with scanning electron microscopy for the first time, and a significant range extension is presented and discussed for P. shawnee Grubbs.
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Rhopalopsole mataikan (Plecoptera: Leuctridae), a new stonefly from Brunei Darussalam.
Bill P. Stark and Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2008 4(13):139-142. (27 October 2008)
Rhopalopsole mataikan sp. n., is described from a small series of adult specimens collected in Temburong District, Brunei Darussalam, on the island of Borneo. Males of the new species have a minute vesicle on abdominal sternum 9 and an asymmetrically forked posterolateral processes on abdominal tergum 10. These specimens represent the first Bornean records of Leuctridae.
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New species of Kamimuria Klapálek (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from Thailand and Vietnam, with notes on Chinese species.
Ignac Sivec and Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2008 4(12):110-138. (8 October 2008)
The Kamimuria from Thailand and Vietnam are reviewed and 12 species are given formal recognition. Kamimuria similis Klapálek and Kamimuria anamensis (Banks) n. comb. are redescribed from type material and 10 species new to science are proposed. New taxa from Vietnam include K. atrocephala sp. n., K. azunensis sp. n., K. curriei sp. n. and K. zonata sp. n; new taxa from Thailand include K. punctata sp. n., K. trang sp. n. and K. turbinata sp. n., and three species, K. atra sp. n., K. jariyae sp. n. and K. obtusa sp. n. are proposed based on samples from both countries. The eggs of two additional species known from unassociated females are described under informal designations, and K. poilanina Navas is referred to genus Togoperla based on the large subgenital plate of the holotype female. Three poorly known Chinese species, K. klapaleki (Wu & Claassen), K. manchuriana Wu and K. tuberosa Wu are redescribed and a neotype is designated for K. manchuriana. An updated checklist of Kamimuria species and a provisional key to regional males is provided.
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Allocapnia muskogee and A. menawa, new species of snowflies (Plecoptera: Capniidae) from the Talladega National Forest region of eastern Alabama, U.S.A., plus four new state records.
Scott A. Grubbs & Andrew L. Sheldon
Illiesia 2008 4(11):99-109. (19 September 2008)
Allocapnia muskogee sp. n. and A. menawa sp. n. are described from the Talladega National Forest region of east-central Alabama, U.S.A. Allocapnia muskogee sp. n. is also recorded from northern Georgia. Allocapnia muskogee sp. n. is distinguished from closely-related A. wrayi Ross and A. mystica Frison by characteristics of the male epiproct and 8th abdominal terga. Allocapnia menawa sp. n. is differentiated from members of the A. granulata species group, most notably A. granulata (Claassen), A. unzickeri Ross & Yamamoto, and A. warreni Ross & Yamamoto, by the male epiproct and 8th abdominal terga. In addition, new Alabama state records are reported for Paraleuctra sara (Claassen), Soyedina alexandria Grubbs, Taeniopteryx ugola Ricker & Ross and Sweltsa onkos (Ricker).
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Descriptions of male and larval stages for Neoperlops obscuripennis Banks (Plecoptera: Perlidae).
Bill P. Stark & Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2008 4(10):94-98. (19 September 2008)
Putative male and larval specimens of Neoperlops obscuripennis Banks are described from a small series of specimens collected in Vietnam and compared with N. gressitti Banks and N. cheni (Wu).
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New data on genus Besdolus from the Balkan Peninsula (Plecoptera: Perlodidae).
Tibor Kovács & Dávid Murányi
Illiesia 2008 4(9):91-93. (16 September 2008)
New localities of three species of Besdolus from the Balkan Peninsula are presented. B. illyricus is new to Albania, B. ventralis is new to Greece.
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Latitudinal diversity of Plecoptera (Insecta) on local and global scales.
Alejandro Palma & Ricardo Figueroa
Illiesia 2008 4(8):81-90. (16 September 2008)
Several factors influence the latitudinal distributions of organisms, including habitat heterogeneity, ecological requirements, historical events, and the influence of temperature and latitude, amongst others. We evaluate the distributions and diversity of Plecoptera on local (latitudinal gradient in Chile) and global scales.
In Chile, 66 species from 35 genera and 6 families are recognized, with an endemism of 60 %. Species richness is greatest between the Maipo and Aysén river basins (34-45°S), and especially in the Valdivia region (39-40°S). The most widely distributed species are Limnoperla jaffueli and Antarctoperla michaelseni. The results of this work extend the distribution of several species and suggest that the latitudinal distribution of the order responds mainly to sampling effort, although lower differences in latitudinal diversity are expected due to the characteristics of Chilean rivers (except in the dry zone, 17-30°S). The two ecological factors that seem to be the most important in Plecoptera distributions, in Chile and around the world, are cold temperatures and good water quality. Thus, at global scale, diversity increases from the Equator toward the poles, with differences in the number of families and species between the Southern and Northern hemispheres, possibly due to differences in the number of studies done at the species level.
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Rhopalopsole alobata (Plecoptera: Leuctridae), a new stonefly species from Vietnam.
Audrey B. Harrison & Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2008 4(7):76-80. (26 May 2008)
Rhopalopsole alobata sp. nov., is described from a single male collected in Vinh Phu Province, Vietnam. The new species differs from all known Rhopalopsole species by the absence of a vesicle on abdominal sternum 9. An additional single male from Lao Cai Province, Vietnam is tentatively identified as Rhopalopsole sinensis Yang & Yang. These two species are the first representatives of family Leuctridae to be recorded from Vietnam.
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The Alloperla severa complex (Plecoptera: Chloroperlidae) of western North America.
Richard W. Baumann & Boris C. Kondratieff
Illiesia 2008 4(6):66-75. (28 March 2008)
The Chloroperlinae taxon Alloperla severa of western North America is reviewed. Alloperla elevata and A. thalia previously treated as a synonyms of A. severa are considered valid species. The male genitalia of all three species are illustrated using the scanning electron microscope.
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New Vietnamese species of the genus Flavoperla Chu (Plecoptera: Perlidae).
Bill P. Stark & Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2008 4(5):59-65. (28 March 2008)
Flavoperla Chu is reported for the first time from the Southeast Asian peninsula and three new species from Vietnam are recognized. Flavoperla dao sp. n. is described from Cao Bang province and F. hmong sp. n., and F. pallida sp. n. are described from Lao Cai.
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Diamphipnoa colberti, a new stonefly species from Chile, and the possible female of Diamphipnopsis beschi Illies (Plecoptera: Diamphipnoidae).
Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2008 4(4):55-58. (20 March 2008)
Diamphipnoa colberti is described from a single male specimen recently collected in Maule, Chile. The new species differs from known members of the genus in the bifurcate and slightly expanded epiproct apex. The putative female of Diamphipnopsis beschi Illies is also described from a single female collected in Region X, Chile.
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New species and records of Neoperla (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from Vietnam.
Bill P. Stark & Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2008 4(3):19-54. (20 March 2008)
New records are given for Neoperla cavaleriei (Navás), N. fallax Klapálek, N. gordonae Stark, N. hamata Jewett, N. mnong Stark, N. tamdao Cao & Bae, N. yentu Cao & Bae and N. yao Stark and 15 new species of Neoperla are proposed from Vietnam. New taxa include N. clara sp. n., N. daklak sp. n., N. dao sp. n., N. erecta sp. n., N. hubleyi sp. n., N. idella sp. n., N. leptacantha sp. n., N. monacha sp. n., N. multispinosa sp. n., N. nebulosa sp. n., N. sinuata sp. n., N. spinaloba sp. n., N. song sp. n., N. teresa sp. n., and N. zonata sp. n. Female and/or egg descriptions are also presented for N. hamata, N. mnong N. tamdao and N. yao, and females of two species are described with informal designations. N. angustilobata Zwick is placed as a synonym of N. mnong Stark. Provisional keys to males and a checklist of Vietnamese Neoperla are also presented.
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Additions to Zelandobius (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae Antarctoperlinae) from New Zealand.
Ian D. McLellan
Illiesia 2008 4(2):11-18. (4 February 2008)
The generic diagnosis of Zelandobius and the diagnosis for the Furcillatus Species Group are given. The male and nymph of Zelandobius alatus are described and the female redescribed. Z. crawfordi and Z. edwardsi new species are described. The male of Z. kuscheli is described and the female redescribed.
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New Stoneflies (Plecoptera) from Asia.
Bill P. Stark and Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2008 4(1):1-10. (24 January 2008)
Kamimuria zwicki sp. n. and Neoperla peterzwicki sp. n. are described from specimens collected in South Korea and East Kalimantan, Indonesia respectively, Agnetina zwicki sp. n. from Sichuan, China, Neoperla schlitz from Kerala State, India, and Haploperla zwicki sp. n. and Isoperla peterzwicki sp. n. are described from Thai specimens. Each species is compared with related congeners and a provisional key for males of the Neoperla borneensis species subgroup is provided.
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