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Neaviperla is a valid stonefly genus in North America (Plecoptera: Chloroperlidae).
Richard W. Baumann and Jonathan J. Lee
Illiesia 2014 10(9):80-87. Figures 1-18, 19 references (pp.:86-87.)
(9 December 2014)
Neaviperla forcipata is figured as line drawings and scanning electron micrographs and reasons are given why Neaviperla Ricker 1943 should be a separate genus rather than a synonym of the genus Suwallia Ricker 1943.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Chloroperlidae, Neaviperla, new status, western North America
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New species and records of Colombian, Ecuadorian and Venezuelan Anacroneuria (Plecoptera: Perlidae), with a review of the Anacroneuria aymara Stark & Sivec Complex.
Bill P. Stark and Maria del Carmen Zúniga
Illiesia 2014 10(8):66-79. Figures 1-23, 1 tables, 19 references (pp.:78-79.)
(2 December 2014)
The Anacroneuria aymara Stark & Sivec species complex is reviewed. A new species from Venezuela, A. barinas, is recognized and described from two male specimens, and a key to male members of the complex is presented. An additional new species, A. yuko is recognized from Sierrania de Perijá, Colombia, new Colombian records are given for A. angusticollis (Enderlein), A. cipriano Zúniga & Rojas, A. cruza Stark, A. farallonensis Rojas & Baena, A. inza Zúniga & Stark, A. mindo Zúniga & Vásconez, and A. paleta Stark, and additional records are given for A. bari Stark, A. bifasciata (Pictet), A. paleta Stark, and A. paria Stark from Venezuela. The female of Anacroneuria carchi Stark is described from Ecuador, and an unassociated female from Venezuela is described under informal designation.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Perlidae, Anacroneuria, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, new species, new records
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Description and provisional taxonomic designation of an unassociated larval stonefly from Linn County, Oregon (Plecoptera: Perlodidae: Isoperla sp. A).
John Sandberg
Illiesia 2014 10(7):60-65. Figures 1a-h, 2 tables, 11 references (p.:65.)
(2 October 2014)
An unassociated female stonefly larva from Marion Creek, near Marion Falls, Linn County, Oregon, is described under a provisional designation and compared with larvae of other western Nearctic Isoperla species. The lacinia is distinct from the known western larval species.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Isoperla larval description, lacinial morphology
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New and interesting records of Plecoptera (Insecta) from Slovakia and several autecology notes.
Matej Žiak & Il'ja Krno
Illiesia 2014 10(6):52-59. Figures 1-6, 25 references (pp.:58-59.)
(22 September 2014)
During the last five years several important discoveries of stoneflies from Slovakia were recorded, including Leuctra dalmoni Vincon & Murányi 2007, a recently described species and Rhabdiopteryx hamulata (Klapálek 1902), an uncommon Balkan species. We also recorded a curious find of the imago of the endangered species, Capnopsis schilleri (Rostock 1892), after 60 years.
Keywords: distribution, new species, Leuctra, Rhabdiopteryx, Capnopsis
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Morphology and systematic position of two Leuctra species (Plecoptera: Leuctridae) believed to have no specilla.
Zwick, P., G. Vinçon, & J.M. Tierno de Figueroa
Illiesia 2014 10(5):43-51. Figures 1-16, 19 references (p.:51.)
(9 September 2014) urn:
Leuctra bidula Aubert and L. ketamensis Sánchez-Ortega & Azzouz were believed to lack specilla, other sperm transmitting organs were not known. We show that both have a normal penis attachment bulb displaced deep into segment IX. Unlike in most other Leuctra it is not visible from outside. From the bulb issue two narrow sperm ducts surrounded by a common tube. Details differ between the two species. In L. bidula the inner paraproct lobes remain visibly connected to the bulb. The rest of the paraprocts remains close to sternite IX, but in vertical position. L. ketamensis lacks such visible connection, the modified paraprocts lie caudo-dorsally. Transformation of the outer paraproct lobes into a supraanal hooklet in L. nigra (Olivier) provides a model for the origin of long prongs and associated dorsal structures issuing laterally from the paraprocts of L. bidula and L. ketamensis whose closest relatives within genus Leuctra are unknown.
Keywords: Penis attachment bulb, sperm transmitting organ, paraproct lobes, spermathecal sclerite, Leuctra bidula, Leuctra ketamensis
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Three New Species of Tyloperla Sivec & Stark (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from India.
Bill P. Stark and Ignac Sivec
Illiesia 2014 10(4):32-42. Figures 1-30, 1 Table, 13 references (p.:42.)
(11 July 2014)
Three new species of Tyloperla Sivec & Stark are proposed from specimens collected in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh states, India. The new species are compared with other members of the genus, a key for species known from the Indian subcontinent is presented, and an updated checklist of Tyloperla species is given.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Perlidae, Tyloperla, new species, India
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Contribution to the knowledge of the Moroccan High and Middle Atlas stoneflies (Plecoptera, Insecta).
Gilles Vinçon, Majida El Alami, Sanae Errochdi
Illiesia 2014 10(3):17-31. Figures 1-25, 1 Table, 29 references (pp.:29-31.)
(9 June 2014)
Amphinemura tiernodefigueroai sp. n., endemic of the Moroccan Middle-Atlas, and Capnioneura atlasica sp. n., endemic of the Moroccan High-Atlas, are described and illustrated. The two new species are reliably separable in both sexes. Comparative descriptions are given for Amphinemura berthelemyi Vinçon, Yasri & Lounaci 2013 and Capnioneura petitpierreae Aubert 1961. Five species are new for the Middle Atlas: Nemoura lacustris Pictet 1865, Capnopsis schilleri schilleri (Rostock 1892), Leuctra franzi paenibaetica Sánchez-Ortega & Ropero-Montero, 1993, L. ketamensis Sánchez-Ortega & Azzouz 1997 and Tyrrhenoleuctra tangerina (Navás 1922) and three are new for the High-Atlas: Brachyptera algirica Aubert 1956, Protonemura dakkii Vinçon & Murányi 2009 and Capnopsis schilleri schilleri (Rostock 1892). The faunistic list of the 23 Atlas stoneflies is updated and discussed.
Keywords: Amphinemura tiernodefigueroai sp. n., Amphinemura berthelemyi, Capnioneura atlasica sp. n., Capnioneura petitpierreae, taxonomy, zoogeography, Middle-Atlas, High-Atlas, Morocco
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Records of Mesoamerican Anacroneuria (Plecoptera: Perlidae), with Descriptions of Four New Species.
Bill P. Stark
Illiesia 2014 10(2):6-16. Figures 1-20, 1 Table, 17 references (p.:16.)
(5 May 2014)
Three new species, Anacroneuria guanacaste, A. morsei and A. tempisquito are described based on Costa Rican specimens and an additional new species, A. totumas is described from Panamanian specimens. Anacroneuria azul Rojas & Baena and A. marca Stark are reported from Panama for the first time, and the presence of A. lineata (Navás) in Panama, is confirmed. Six additional new provincial records are presented for Costa Rica and one each for Guatemala and Panama.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Perlidae, Anacroneuria, Mesoamerica, new species, new records
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A new stonefly from Lebanon, Leuctra cedrus sp. n. (Plecoptera: Leuctridae).
Vinçon, G., A. Dia, & I. Sivec
Illiesia 2014 10(1):1-5. Figures 1-4, 1 reference (p.:5.)
(4 February 2014)
Leuctra cedrus, is described from Lebanon. In the Leuctra hippopus group it clearly differs from the previously known species by the shape of the male dorsal ornamentations and genitalia. L. cedrus sp. n. is a cold stenothermal species occurring in the close surrounding of rheocrene karstic springs on the Western slope of Mount Lebanon. The list of the 17 stoneflies species known from Lebanon is updated.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Stoneflies, Leuctra cedrus sp. n., new species, Lebanon
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