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A review of the genus Bolshecapnia Ricker, 1965 (Plecoptera: Capniidae), and recognition of two new Nearctic capniid genera. Hannah Jean Broome, Bill P. Stark & Richard W. Baumann
Illiesia 2019 15(01):1-26. Figures 1-72, 1 Table, 25 references (pp.:25-26.) (15 March 2019)
Male epiprocts of five of the six species currently placed in the genus Bolshecapnia Ricker, 1965 were examined with scanning electron microscopy. In addition to the plesiomorphic characters historically used to define the genus (e.g. ventral male vesicle), these species share at least one potentially apomorphic character of the epiproct, a long median groove with a pair of low parallel ridges that extend for most of the epiproct length, but additional epiproct apomorphies emphasize fundamental differences within the group. No new species are proposed, but we recognize two new genera, Eurekapnia gen. n., based on Capnia maculata Jewett, 1954, and Sasquacapnia gen. n., based on Capnia (Bolshecapnia) sasquatchi Ricker, 1965. A modified, partial key is presented to accommodate adults of the new genera, and revised keys are presented for adults of the species of Bolshecapnia and Sasquacapnia.
Keywords: Keywords: Plecoptera, Capniidae, Bolshecapnia, epiproct morphology, scanning electron microscopy, new genera
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