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VOLUME Fourteen: 2018

Diura washingtoniana (Hanson) resurrected from synonymy with D. nanseni (Kempny) (Plecoptera: Perlodidae), supplemented with a description of the larva and egg and comparison to other congeners. Charles H. Nelson and C. Riley Nelson
Illiesia 2018 14(1):1-29, Figures 1-81, 91 references (pp.:25-29) (xx March 2018)
Diura washingtoniana (Hanson, 1940) is reinstated from synonymy with D. nanseni (Kempny, 1900). The adult male and female are more completely described and the larva and egg of this species are described for the first time. Diagnostic features for D. washingtoniana are presented and this species is compared to the following congeners: D. nanseni, D. bicaudata (Linnaeus, 1758) and D. knowltoni (Frison, 1937) using line illustrations, scanning electron photomicrographs, and color photographs.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Perlodidae, Diura washingtoniana (Hanson, 1940), species propria, adult redescription, larval and egg description
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