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An update on the stonefly fauna (Insecta, Plecoptera) of Maryland, including new and emended state records and an updated state checklist. Scott A. Grubbs
Illiesia 2018 14(4):65-80, Figures 1-27, 23 references (pp.:79-80) (30 April 2018) ABSTRACT
The stonefly fauna of Maryland is updated. An unassociated female of Perlesta Banks, 1906 is described under informal designation, complete with light microscopy micrographs of head and pronotal pigmentation patterns plus scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images of eggs. New state records are presented for Cultus verticalis (Banks, 1920), Neoperla catharae Stark & Baumann, 1978, and P. mihucorum Kondratieff & Myers, 2011. Light microscopy and SEM micrographs are also presented for P. mihucorum. Published state records of Isoperla Banks, 1906 and Sweltsa onkos (Ricker, 1952) are emended given recent descriptions in both genera. Distribution maps for S. onkos and S. hoffmani Kondratieff & Kirchner, 2009, plus for all species of Isoperla and Perlesta known to occur in the Appalachian Mountain region of western Maryland, are provided. An updated state checklist of 114 species is included. Keywords: Plecoptera, Perlidae, Perlesta, state records, Maryland
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Nearctic Nemoura trispinosa Claassen, 1923 and N. rickeri Jewett, 1971 are junior synonyms of Holarctic Nemoura species (Plecoptera: Nemouridae). Scott A. Grubbs, Richard W. Baumann, and David K. Burton
Illiesia 2018 14(3):44-64, Figures 1-84, 60 references (pp.:60-64) (2 April 2018)
Only five species of the diverse Holarctic stonefly genus Nemoura Latreille, 1796 are known to occur in North America. We used scanning electron microscopy to show that (a) N. trispinosa Claassen, 1923 is a junior synonym of N. arctica Esben-Petersen, 1910, and (b) N. rickeri Jewett, 1971 is a junior synonym of N. sahlbergi Morton, 1896. Four species of Nemoura: N. arctica, N. normani Ricker, 1952, N. sahlbergi, and N. spiniloba Jewett, 1954, and are now recognized from the Nearctic realm. Keywords: Plecoptera, Nemouridae, Nemoura, N. arctica, N. sahlbergi, Nearctic, Holarctic
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Two new stonefly species in the Sweltsa coloradensis (Banks) Complex (Plecoptera: Chloroperlidae). Bill P. Stark and Richard W. Baumann
Illiesia 2018 14(2):30-43, Figures 1-47, 11 references (pp.:43-43) (28 March 2018)
Male reproductive structures were examined with scanning electron microscopy for populations of the Sweltsa coloradensis (Banks) complex from throughout the known range in western North America. Sufficient variation was observed in epiproct structure to recognize and describe two new species. Sweltsa mogollonica, n. sp. is recognized from eastern Arizona and western New Mexico and S. lyrata, n. sp. is recognized from Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Yukon Territory.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Chloroperlidae, Sweltsa coloradensis complex, western North America, new species
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Diura washingtoniana (Hanson) resurrected from synonymy with D. nanseni (Kempny) (Plecoptera: Perlodidae), supplemented with a description of the larva and egg and comparison to other congeners. Charles H. Nelson and C. Riley Nelson
Illiesia 2018 14(1):1-29, Figures 1-81, 91 references (pp.:25-29) (8 March 2018)
Diura washingtoniana (Hanson, 1940) is reinstated from synonymy with D. nanseni (Kempny, 1900). The adult male and female are more completely described and the larva and egg of this species are described for the first time. Diagnostic features for D. washingtoniana are presented and this species is compared to the following congeners: D. nanseni, D. bicaudata (Linnaeus, 1758) and D. knowltoni (Frison, 1937) using line illustrations, scanning electron photomicrographs, and color photographs.
Keywords: Plecoptera, Perlodidae, Diura washingtoniana (Hanson, 1940), species propria, adult redescription, larval and egg description
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